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Updates to Greco Pizza safety measures

Dear Valued Customers:

The safety of our customers and staff remains our #1 top priority; we have put extra precautionary measures in place to ensure we are following both federal and provincial policies as well as health care guidelines and mandates.

Here are some recent updates to our safety measures and policies that have been put in place, these include but are not limited to:


We have put extra precautionary measures in place to ensure our customers and staff remain safe at all times. This includes hand sanitizers in all locations, frequent and consistent sanitization of all areas in the restaurant that experience the most contact such as counters, debit machines, doors, handles, oven bags etc. Also, as an additional precautionary measure for customers and staff, public washrooms have been temporarily closed to help restrict additional surface areas customers and staff may come in contact with.


Restaurants have marked out 6ft social distancing lines on the floors as well as placed tables in front of the counters to establish the 6ft social distancing policy.


We offer customers contactless payment options through debit or tap for take-out and delivery.


A maximum of 5 customers are allowed in the store at any given time. Social distancing must be adhered to in the restaurant at all times.


Customers are in total control of how the delivery is to be handled when it arrives at the door. Simply notify the staff member who takes your order of your delivery instructions. Or if ordering online, just include your instructions at the end of your order.


All delivery drivers must wash and sanitize their hands before and after each delivery. Car steering wheel, door handles, gear shifters and delivery bags must also be sanitized after each delivery. Drivers must also wear gloves were applicable.


Greco Pizza, who are locally owned and operated, have been serving the communities in Atlantic Canada since 1977. We will continue to feed our communities, support our essential services and give back to the communities we are proud to live and work in. Atlantic Canadians are the friendliest people in the country and we thank all of our customers for their loyal support and friendly demeanor with staff as well as your generosity during these hard economic times.

We continue to work with our suppliers and health officials to obtain updates as they become available and will implement any necessary changes to our services as directed by our federal and provincial governments and regional public health officials. Please go to GRECO.CA for updates as they become available.

Thank you for your continued patronage and support as we navigate through these difficult times. With extra precautions, and by following the health authority guidelines, we are confident that we will all get through this together.

Stay safe, be kind, unwind and get it delivered!

Greco Pizza

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