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Greco’s delivery guarantee

a)”In Grecoville. “ The destination must be in the designated delivery area we call Grecoville, which is identified in every Greco restaurant, with an in-store map in the customer area.

b) “Conditions Permitting”. This means we have the ability to give you guaranteed delivery except in certain circumstances which are noted below. In any occasion when the Greco delivery guarantee is suspended the customer will be informed at the time they place their order and a reason will be given for the suspension. At that time, if the customer wishes he may cancel his order. Once an order in Grecoville is taken and the customer is not informed that the Grecoville guarantee is suspended then that order is guaranteed. It is not an acceptable practice to call back the customer in Grecoville after their order ·is taken and give the Greco time or tell them their order is not guaranteed. Also the customer redeeming coupons or gift certificates cannot cause the Grecoville guarantee to be suspended.

The Grecoville guarantee may be suspended in all or part of Grecoville for the following reasons. i) unsafe driving or unsafe delivery conditions, ii) blocked traffic arteries, iii) store equipment breakdown or power failure, or iv) on occasion where excessive demand creates a situation of oven overcapacity, a minimum of 5 orders have been no charge deliveries in a two hour period.

c) “To front door of building”. In multiple unit dwellings where there are offices, retail outlets or residences, our franchisees are only required to guarantee to the front door of the building. This policy has been necessitated by cases where a driver is delayed by a slow door entry buzzer, slow elevators, or the customer is in a unit other than the designated unit.

d)”Street must have proper civic numbers for easy identification”. All buildings of a street must have consecutive numbers displayed in chronological order if it is to a building which is eligible to be in Grecoville.

e)”Not on multiple order”. Any Greco restaurant has the right to not guarantee any order in excess of $40.00; but the customer will be informed when placing their order that this is not a guaranteed order.

f) “Minimum Purchase”. Your delivery order must meet the minimum purchase requirements of your local Greco restaurant. Please contact your local restaurant for more information.

g)”After 5:00 daily”.  Guaranteed Grecoville delivery starts at 5:00 p.m. and continues until the Greco restaurant closes for the day. Orders before 5:00 p.m. may be subject to a delivery charge and may not be guaranteed.

h)”Order can be confirmed”. The customer must be accessible by phone during the delivery period so the guaranteed order can be confirmed.

When the guaranteed Greco order is late you will receive a $5 voucher, consistent with our advertising. Customers may be required to pay for any additional items including beverages, desserts, donairs or sales tax. Any food or beverage items ordered from our Greco menu with pizza cannot cause the Grecoville guarantee to be cancelled.

If the guaranteed Greco order is delivered on-time but is incorrect, a new pizza is to be delivered to the home. If there is 75% of the incorrect pizza returned to the Greco restaurant then the incorrect pizza and the correct pizza are both free. If 75% of the incorrect pizza cannot be returned for any reason, then the Greco restaurant will not charge for the incorrect pizza but has the right to charge for the correctly delivered pizza.

We want all our Greco customers to be fully satisfied. If any aspect of your pizza was below Greco’s quality standards, please notify us and we will replace your pizza at no additional charge.

Greco restaurants reserves the right to place any customer in Grecoville on a no delivery list for unfairly abusing the Grecoville policy. Customers who are on the no delivery list will be informed when they place their order they are not eligible to receive delivery service and Greco will not accept their delivery order.

Any other inquiries of guaranteed delivery policy can be directed to the General Manager of Grinner’s Food Systems Limited, Franchisor of Greco restaurants by calling 1-800-565-4389.