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How to play

Select and order your favourite Greco Pizza. Choose Play Pizza Roulette when customizing your pizza. One slice will be randomly injected with Giv’er Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce! Try it, if you dare!

Challenge your friends, family, teammates, or rivals!

Can they handle the heat? Send an eCard and challenge your friends, family, and teammates to play Greco Pizza Roulette. Film the challenge, share it on social media, tag us @GrecoPizza and @maritimemadnessinc and use hashtag #GrecoPizzaRoulette to be entered to win a Pizza Roulette Prize pack worth over $100. You’re not too chicken, are you?

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Important Warning

EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK! Pizza Roulette pizzas contain ghost peppers and/or hot peppers. Consuming products made from these peppers may cause discomfort, illness or even injury to some people. Keep Pizza Roulette pizzas away from young children and from adults who have sensitivities or allergies to hot peppers. By ordering a Pizza Roulette pizza, you agree that Grinner’s Food Systems Limited and its GRECO PIZZATM franchisees have warned you of the above risks and that they have no liability to you for any discomfort, illness or injury you may experience as a result of eating a Pizza Roulette pizza.

Roulette Style

Place your Greco Pizza on a Lazy Susan, give it a spin, and eat your closest piece.

Put your money where your mouth is

Whoever gets the spicy piece wins the pot.

Halloween Party

Order it for your Halloween party, but be sure to let guests know what they’re getting into!

Who can handle the heat

Can whoever gets the hot sauce handle the heat without giving it away?

Games night

“Spice” up Game Night with friends.

Play with teammates

Treat the office to a Pizza Party, but make sure to warn them!

About Maritime Madness

Maritime Madness is celebrating 20 years of “Cooking up Craziness” this year.  Everything is made in-house and shipped from their own facility in rural Prince Edward Island.  They are in 400+ retailers across Canada, and with over 4,000 great (and sometimes comical) reviews on their website, you can really see why they continue to grow year over year.  With over 40 sauces to choose from, they have a heat level and flavour profile for everyone.  For more information, please visit maritimemadness.com or chat with them on all the socials.