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About Greco Pizza

In 1977 the first Greco Pizza Restaurant opened in Moncton, New Brunswick featuring a delicious line of pizzas and a new product called the “donair”.  The donair is spiced beef garnished with onions, tomatoes and sweet sauce served on pita bread.  Customers loved this new exciting taste and today are one of Atlantic Canada’s treasures.

In 1981, Grinner’s Food Systems Limited in Truro Nova Scotia acquired Greco Pizza.  Since then, the Greco Pizza concept has been refined into one of the strongest concepts in the industry. Today Greco Pizza is the number one pizza delivery chain in Atlantic Canada expanding into Ontario and Quebec.

Greco Pizza is a proven product innovator being the first to market Thick ‘n’ Crispy Pan Pizzas, Oven♥Subs® Flipwich™ and Cinnastrips™.  Award winning marketing campaigns and service programs such as the PizzaNumber® Greco’s one number telephone system 310-3030, 30 minute delivery guarantee in Grecoville® and debit at your door have resulted in making Greco Pizza Atlantic Canada’s #1 choice for Pizza.

Today there are over 100 outlets operating in Atlantic Canada, Ontario and Quebec.Each Greco Pizza is a professionally designed, low investment restaurant that serves quality products at reasonable prices.


310–30-30 is the number greco.ca is the website for hot fresh delicious pizza fast.  Call or log on from your home, work or your cell phone – its fast and easy to remember.  You know you want to sing it…310-30-30!

Greco Pizza means delivery.  Hot, fresh from the oven pizza right to your door.  Do you live in Grecoville®?  If yes, Greco offers a 30-minute delivery guarantee.  If we are late we’ll give you $5 off your next pizza.

Pay By Debit at Your Door™

You’ve ordered pizza only to realize nobody has cash on hand. Ever happened to you? Now when your Greco Pizza delivery arrives, you can just Swipe your Stripe™ and pay with your debit or credit card right at your door.  Piggy banks everywhere will heave a sigh of relief and you may never have to leave the house again.

Oven Bags™

Greco Oven Bags™ maintain an oven hot temperature of up to 170ºF keeping your pizza hot from our oven to your mouth!  Don’t stumble out into the cold!  Call the PizzaNumber® now and get hot oven fresh pizza delivered in Greco Oven Bags™ right to your door!

Online Ordering

You can now order your favourite Greco pizza right here at Greco.ca! Save time and order online. Download our mobile app from the app store, and order from your smart phone. Order online on the go!

Always Free Flavoured Crust!

Don’t forget to add our always FREE Flavoured crust to your next order. Try one of our six flavours: Asiago Cheese, Butter Cheese, Garlic Parmesan, Garlic Pesto, Pretzel or Three Cheese only available at Greco Pizza.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We will replace any unsatisfactory food product. If your Pizza, Garlic Finger, Donairs, Oven sub, Slice or Calzone was made incorrectly or you are not satisfied with the quality of your product, we will replace your product at no charge immediately Please see terms and conditions for details

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